Friday, March 25, 2011

Searching for Success Amid Work

Got a poem accepted for publication in Main Street Rag. I'm happy not just for the publishing credit but because I like the magazine. The poem they took is one I like, but it is noticeably different from what I was writing at the time, as well as from what I have written since. I sometimes think that I should drift in that direction, even though that is not my first impulse when I write.

I still have on my plate the project of putting together a book, and unfortunately I am still not sure what direction I will go in. I have had very little downtime at work lately, mostly because I have been sent to a project management class with a big project as homework. Plus another big procurement has come up with very quick deadline, so I've put a lot of energy into that. This weekend should be a chance to work on some things. Next week should be quiet, but probably it will mostly be a chance to catch up, not work on new things.

I also received a rejection slip with a nice note from Alaska Quarterly. I should send them another packet within the next few days. I have been thinking about the discussion going around that women are more likely than men not to send another submission to a magazine that has declined but asked to see more, or more likely to wait a long time before they do. Personally, I usually try to get another packet out to them quickly, though I admit that if I have gotten the request for more two or more times, I begin to wonder if it is genuine and I might not send more. Is that bad?

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